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Higher Education Services


Lee has worked in higher education as an instructor in the School of Social Work at Temple University since 2008 and also at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) since 2011 in the Behavioral Health and Human Services department.  Being an educator is important to him and he is committed to giving his students the best educational experience possible through innovative teaching techniques and the use of technology in the classroom.

Read what students have to say about Lee's teaching style and impact he has had on his students at Temple:

"Professor Carson was/is the most challenging Professor I've had at Temple, yet he is also the most engaging, understanding, and most genuinely interested/interesting Professor I have experienced thus far. Class seemed like a roundtable discussion on Health/Mental health HBSE and I believe I learned the most under Professor Carson. I give him an A+!"


"Lee is one of my favorite professors I have had in the program. The practice & delivery course II course syllabus was not written by him, but he made the intense course manageable. This is one professor that will work with you to clarify assignments and material. His classes were never boring and had guest speakers. I wish he taught more courses!"


"This class helped me to better establish my professional identity. Professor Carson brings his real-life experience to the classroom and it is very helpful. He is interesting, engaging, and funny. Highly recommended."


"Great Professor!! Lectures are clear, interesting and engaging. Has relevant experiences that he easily includes to provide practical and concrete examples of clinical skills. Assignments are clear and grading is fair. Would definitely take again."



Read what students have to say about Lee's teaching style and impact he has had on his students at CCP:

"Professor Carson is so knowledgeable and so willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand what he's teaching. He mixes the text, lectures and real-world experiences to give you a fuller picture of the subject. He is so down to earth and I hope many, many others get the opportunity to be in any of his classes...I took two this semester."


"I heard HORROR stories about BHHS 106 and Professor Carson. They were all false. I couldn't have had a better experience in a group setting. Professor Carson gives excellent feedback and is very insightful when it comes to the dynamics within the group. What a wonderful experience."


"Mr. Lee is an amazing professor. He takes his time when it comes to his assignments and lectures. Not only did Mr. Lee prepare me for the BHHS field he inspired me to better myself as a person and I will always remember him for that. All you have to do to pass this class is come to class and be consistent with your work."


"Professor Carson is one of the most committed thorough instructors I have had the privilege of learning under. His pedagogy (style of teaching) is very interactive and hands on which provides for good memorization and skill building. He seems to enjoy taking time to ensure we are familiar with the subject matter. He provided good resources."



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