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Lee has been hired to work on a number of projects for clients.  Here is what they have to say about his work.

Alison Gerig, LCSW
Executive Director
Therapy Center of Philadelphia

“Lee is an effective and strong facilitator. For our project he was charged with convening key community stakeholders, facilitating meetings, and managing any conflict that arose in the process. He was highly effective in communicating with all parties involved so as to ensure that folks felt connected and stayed involved. He had a keen attention to detail and follow through and gave insightful feedback to  internal leaders about how to move the project forward.


Clinically, Lee is particularly skilled at assessing his audience, drawing people into the process,  and not leaving anyone out or alienating any member. He knows how to authentically work across cultures and difference and can be very disarming for folks who come in with resistance or hesitation. Anyone would be lucky to have Lee facilitate their project or meeting. I strongly recommend him for this role. ”







Guy O. Weston

Executive Director
DC Care Consortium

"I have known Lee Carson since 2001 and have had several opportunities to work with him over the past decade. In my current role as Executive Director of DC CARE Consortium in Washington, DC, we have engaged his services as a trainer on topics related to cultural competence, effective strategies to reach special populations, and a research project focusing on HIV risk behaviors of African American and Latino MSM. We selected Lee because of his command of the subject matter, ability to connect with varied audiences, as well as his unique ability to adapt planned training activities to “the audience that shows up,” which is sometimes  not the audience one has planned for.


Previously, in his role as a behavioral researcher at Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), I worked under his supervision on development of an HIV/STI prevention curriculum targeting non-identified African American bisexual men. In that collaboration, I was able to observe his skills as a researcher and his capacity to apply research to development of health programs. 


Overall, I have found him to be objective, insightful, and dedicated to learn as much as possible about a public health problem in order to effectively engage populations in disease prevention and health promotion programs, and would recommend him highly for any assignments related to education and training, as well as behavioral research."

Jacinto J. Grant, MSW
Associate Director
The Attic  Youth Center


"You know you have the right person for the job when you inquire around in professional circles and one name comes up repeatedly; Lee Carson is the trainer, researcher, and/or clinical social worker you want for the job.


Lee has worked extremely well with The Attic in a couple of different capacities.  In the role as Researcher, and due to his expertise with working with LGBTQ populations, Lee led a collaborative project to implement a Social Network, HIV Testing Strategy for YMSM and helped to effectively train Attic Staff on protocols to effective in the project.  Lee is a strong advocate for LGBTQ issues; and specifically with issues related to LGBTQ people of Color, he has a clarity and perspective about issues that affect both community members and community organizations offering services, including gaps and overlaps of service.


As a trainer, Lee was one of very few trainers that successfully helped Attic Staff address the topic of “race”.  After meeting with myself and the Executive Director of The Attic, Lee was able to tailor a training to help staff discuss/examine how race informs our practice and working relationships; how the agency compares to the gold standard (mezzo focus) related to social justice/anti-racist work; and develop individual goals related to race and diversity (micro focus).  Lee’s success as a trainer is attributed in part to his mastery of subject matter; his preparation to understand the entity and participants requesting the training; as well as his ability to engage audiences in discussions around difficult topics by helping participants tune into their personal relationship with the topic and navigate toward collaborative solutions.  The Attic is very appreciative to have such a skilled consultant like Lee Carson in Philadelphia to work so effectively and efficiently with people and groups in various ways.


Outside of our connection through The Attic, I have also worked with Lee in grassroots community organizing.  He worked tirelessly as a founding member and then as president of the Black Gay Men’s Leadership Council for over 7 years.  It was because of Lee’s leadership, organizing, intellect, and passion that the group was able to respond to the health and well-being needs of Black gay men in Philadelphia.  It was Lee’s efforts that helped city officials hear and understand the importance of the Black gay male perspective and voice with regard to programming/services, funding initiatives, political influence, and civil rights.  Lee positioned the group to be a think tank of Black gay males and fostered an atmosphere to mentor and develop new leadership to address the changing needs of Black gay males and LGBTQ people of color in general.  Lee had the ability to set a vision for the group and mobilize people into action; and because he was a likeable and charismatic leader, he was able to foster collaborations across groups with common visons and goals.


I am honored to have had many opportunities to work with and learn from Lee Carson professionally; I have much respect and admiration for his work.  I wholeheartedly endorse his skills as a consultant for training, research, or clinical practice with guaranteed favorable results."

Freda Patterson, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Temple University


"Lee was extremely thorough in his approach to conducting the five, 90-minute focus groups for our study.  He was most diligent about having a clear understanding about the purpose of the focus groups and the themes that we were interested in learning about from our participants. To do this, he read the study protocol and attended research team meetings.  In listening to the focus group recordings his facilitation of the groups was outstanding. He was professional, friendly and managed to keep participants on-target with the topic at hand.  He has been a true asset to our qualitative research process."


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